Pastor Saro Khachikian

Pastor Saro Khachikian

Saro Khachikian’s practical approach in teaching the Word of God has made him a popular teacher and speaker. He has helped many people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.

Saro Khachikian was born in Iran. He has served the church in Iran before and after the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Then in 1986 he came to the States, continuing his ministry among Iranians, while completing the new translation of the Bible in Farsi. Saro has served as pastor-teacher of Christ Armenian Church in Glendale, California since 1987. Saro and his wife, Anahid, have been married for over 40 years they are the parents of three grown children.

Saro speaks and teaches in Farsi, Armenian and English. As a translator of the Bible into Farsi, he has studied Hebrew and Greek for many years. Saro has a BA degree in Translation, an MA degree in Education, both from Iran, and a MA degree in Theology from the Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA

Pastor Saro’s pulpit ministry has reached many Armenians and Iranians around the world through his TV ministry.

Saro Khachikian also teaches classes on relationship and leadership development challenging his students to become influential catalysts for spiritual transformation.