Croatia is known for its elaborate ceremony customs and activities. The expertise does keep you with many happy memories, whether you’re visiting or a localized. However, Croatian marriages are multi-day affairs with profound ceremonies and energetic joy, which is what makes them really special!

It is usual for the bride and groom’s people to attend each other’s houses during the pre-wedding festivities. This is done in an effort to develop securities and increase excitement of the forthcoming celebration. Additionally, it gives the family the opportunity to decline or decline any money pleas. Although most people opt out of this custom these times, it is still practiced in some parts of the nation.

Before the ceremony begins, guests ( in Croatian: gosti ) gather at the groom’s home to meet with family and friends and have drinks and food. They are welcomed with a rose branch that is frequently decorated with bows in the flag’s tones and pinned to their clothing as corsages. A basket of money is left in the guests ‘ hands for the couple as a gift.

After everyone has eaten and drank, the barjaktar will lead the wedding procession to a chapel or town auditorium. The barjaktar is a buddy, brother, or comparative of the bride, who enthusiastically wave the Croatian emblem. He is a very significant physique who is frequently humorous and audible.

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