Lemme spit some rhymes, talk about legal missions, Hasbro legal department, they got the vision

When it comes to tax, gotta do some research, tax law research guide, don’t be in the lurch

Exhaust fans need that certification, cfm requirements for exhaust fans, ain’t no confusion

Clear spring grain alcohol, where’s it legal, where’s it cool? Legal states, yeah that’s the rule

Got a dispute, wanna make peace, Settlement agreement, get some release

Florida’s got feral cats, don’t wanna shoot, need to know the deal, Is it legal, what’s the real

Got some questions about taxes, don’t know where to turn, Tax law questions, let’s learn and burn

Florida gators, hunting laws, gotta have the scoop, Alligator hunting laws, no need to droop

Nexstar and DirecTV, did they agree or nah? Reached an agreement, we’re sitting on the edge

Don’t need an MBA to learn business, don’t need to pay a fee, Learn business without MBA, just follow me

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